ROM Quiz is a simple application with many questions and answers regarding the Android ROM and kernel customization scene. This Android application allows the user to quickly and easily complete a quiz gauging their knowledge. Their score is instantly calculated. They are able to easily compare their score against others users. The results can easily be shared through banners which display the user name or ID along with their quiz level and score!


The common sections covered on this quiz by both Basic and Advanced levels are:

  • Android file system structure
  • the kernel including tweaks
  • the recovery
  • common ROM tweaks
  • AOSP terminology
  • ADB & DDMS
  • Software Licensing (GPL & Apache)

Basic - User Level

This level includes definitions of many common terms, tools, file locations and Android specific file structures.

Advanced - Developer Level

This level includes defintions of more advanced Android terminology, developer orientated tools, developer orientated file system locations as well as Android Open Source Project (AOSP) terminology